392 KING Front 2.5 Inch Double Throwdown Rear 2.5 Inch Coilover Bypass HC Long Arm PRO PLUS, BLACK, 4 Door




KING 2.5 Inch COILOVERS and BYPASS - 14 Inches of Wheel Travel

KING Double Throw Down Front - KING 2.5 Inch Coilover Rear Suspension System

The front EVO Double ThrowDown System is engineered for the guys who like to go fast. This system utilizes a coilover similar to our EVO SPEC Front Bolt on Coilover system and has the same added benefits, as well as an additional bypass shock. With the addition of a bypass shock you have full external adjustability of the damping and zones within the shock stroke that allow the system to be position sensitive. This system gives your suspension up to 14 Inches of vertical wheel travel specifically tuned for the Jeep JLU.

Coilover and Bypass shocks (Comes complete with EVO SPEC King Shocks)

Adjustable ride height without the need for changing parts

* Front DTD system is designed for use on aftermarket axles.

* Front DTD not recommend with vehicles equipped with 3.6L ETorque

All shocks purchased with our kit come with EVO Spec Proprietary Spring Rates and Valving.


The EVO MFG JLU DTD Pro Coilover Suspension System is a high-performance front and rear coilover suspension system specifically prepared for a balance of on and off road comfort and wheel travel when you want to go fast.

All bracketry is precision laser cut from 3/16” steel and CNC press brake formed for optimum precision and installer fitment.

EVO MFG JLU DTD Pro Suspension System comes with replacement heavy duty control arms and front/rear trackbars that offer adjustability and strength over the factory parts.

The proprietary shock package built by King Shock Technologies is specifically tailored, tuned and tested for the Jeep Gladiator, giving the vehicle a comfortable feel on the road, making this suspension kit compatible for a daily driver and weekend wheeler.

Offroad, the EVO MFG DTD Pro Suspension System provides the ability to wheel comfortably on advanced terrain while keeping the controlled and performance-oriented ride EVO MFG is known for.

The EVO MFG DTD Pro Kit offers adjustable ride height without the need for changing, adding or removing any parts, allowing for a varying lift height of roughly 3 inches to 5 inches. Accessory HD spring kits available for increased lift heights or heavily outfitted rigs. No exhaust or driveshaft modification needed.


Final Thoughts:

The engineers at EVO MFG made sure to create something that could be assembled by someone with knowledge of standard tools, making it possible to complete installation by an experienced, mechanically inclined individual at home or a professional shop in a few days.

EVO MFG Proprietary Coilovers are the prime shock/spring setup when looking for all around comfort with additional off road performance.

The Enforcer DTD Pro Suspension system includes, specific versions of front and rear coilovers, brake lines, bumpstops, trackbar bracket front and rear trackbars, all adjustable Enforcer control arms and all required hardware along with the addition of custom shock mounting/reinforcement brackets.

When purchasing any EVO MFG product there is peace of mind knowing the quality, strength and capability will be able to tackle the trail of your dreams while still being able to drive the Jeep home comfortably.

Parts Included:

Front Double Throw Down Coilover/Bypass Mounting Brackets

Rear Bolt on Coilover Mounting Brackets (Pair)

Front and Rear EVO Spec. 2.5” Remote Reservoir Coilovers Built by King Shock Technologies (Pair)

Front Evo Spec. 2.5" Bypass Shocks Built by King Shock Technologies (Pair)

Front Shock/Bypass Mounting Axle Brackets (Pair)

Front and Rear Sway Bar Endlinks (Pair)

Front Upper and Lower Adjustable EVO Long Arms (Pair)

Rear Upper and Lower Adjustable Enforcer Control Arms (Pair)

Front and Rear Adjustable HD Trackbar


< 3.75” backspacing wheels

Required (Not Included):

Front Aftermarket Driveshaft

Compatible on 392 JLUs.

Installation on 392 should be performed by a skilled installer. It will require installer to adapt/move some engine compartment items. This will be installer fitted/fabricated.

Compatible Year Wrangler: 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

Labor Hours: 31-45

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